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At Greenroots, our founding ethos has remained the same: cold-pressed in small batches, made fresh to order organic juices, smoothies, nut mylks, immunity shots and elixirs, hand-made from the ripe seasonal offerings of our local growers. 

Since we started in 2014, we have listened to your wonderful feedback and requests over the years, and this has brought us to a better understanding of what people crave and need at that personal and nutritional level. With our knowledge and expertise hand crafting functional health elixirs for our community and working alongside our holistic nutritionist and herbalist partners, we have created a tailored offering including the most authentic juices and cleanses. Greenroots is without a doubt one of the highest quality and nutritionally rich juices you can have. 

Here are our values with producing our juice: 

Greenroots Juice is 100% raw and cold pressed

At Greenroots' our unique cold-pressing process extracts the living enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from fruits, vegetables and nuts to produce the smoothest, most delicious and healthy juice you’ll ever taste. More potent, dense in texture, with a vibrant taste, and greater health benefits for the most nutritious juice and cleanse you'll ever taste. 

Greenroots juice is pressed from fresh local produce 

Over 90% of our fresh produce is bought from local New Zealand growers. This means our juice is pressed from the freshest seasonal produce around. This both reduces our environmental impact and supports local communities.

Greenroots juice is served in glass 

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Greenroots, and from the beginning we have always poured our raw juice into 100% recyclable and reusable glass bottles. 

Our bottles are recyclable and reusable; great for storing many pantry items, water bottles or vases. We encourage you to get creative and resourceful, and please do share your tips with us by tagging us on Instagram if you use that platform. 

Greenroots Organic Farm Partnerships 

From the outset of production Greenroots has been committed to partnering with local certified organic farmers to deliver you the best quality raw juice, free of unwanted chemicals. 

We and our partnered organic farmers use our combined skills to collaborate to ensure we are sourcing and they are growing the best quality produce. Most of our organic produce is grown in the mineral rich soil of the South Island, close to the Southern Alps. 

While organic produce certainly costs a lot more, we are committed to our mission of making healthy organic raw juices more accessible for more people to experience true wellness!

Greenroots Pulp Wastage Program

Our aim at Greenroots is to be a 0% waste food business, to minimise our carbon impact of our products on the environment. 

Currently approximately 20% of our produce pulp is re-purposed for other health food products. Having a high fibre content, with minerals and vitamins still alive and in tact, our raw organic pulp makes a great addition to many health food products.

The remaining 80% of our produce pulp is used for compost, improving the soil of our land and livestock. 

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We'd like to give a huge thanks to you - our valued customers - for your dedication and support of our family-owned business. Greenroots Juicery wouldn’t be the bustling small business that it is without you. You have our utmost gratitude!

Katie, Will and the Greenroots Juicery Team 

For any questions about our cleanses and juice packs, please feel free to email: 


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