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Our Rejuvenated Range

We have been busy behind the scenes forming a new and rejuvenated offering for our organic cleanse programs and juice packs. We're excited to announce our rejuvenated range and introduce you to our selection of NEW flavours! 

Amidst these changes, our founding ethos has remained the same: cold-pressed in small batches, made fresh to order organic juices, smoothies, nut mylks, shots and elixirs, hand-crafted from the ripe seasonal offerings of our local growers. 

We’ve listened to your wonderful feedback and requests over the years, and this has brought us to a better understanding of what people crave and need at that personal and nutritional level. With our own knowledge and expertise working alongside our holistic nutritionist and herbalist, we have rejuvenated our offering in time for our transition into the more demanding season of winter and challenging season of life.Where the growing needs of immunity protection have become essential.



We’re still served in glass, however our bottles have changed. Our new signature glass bottle is a 330ml size. We say 300ml on our packaging as the mls can vary slightly due to hand-pouring each elixir. It is likely you’re receiving on the upper end of volume as we like to fill to the top of the bottle to ensure you’re getting as much goodness as possible. 

Our bottles are recyclable and reusable; great for storing many pantry items, water bottles or vases. We encourage you to get creative and resourceful, and please do share your tips with us by tagging us on Instagram if you use that platform. 



Our juices at Greenroots Juicery are created from the freshest organic produce from local farmers. Over the years our growers have become some of our closest friends at Greenroots, we even call them family. Having such close relationships with our suppliers of ingredients ensures our juices are of the highest quality as we have streamlined a system of receiving the freshest produce that has just been picked prior to us extracting all the nutrients on our cold-press machine, ready to be delivered to you via overnight shipping. 

Greenroots Juice is cold pressed

At Greenroots' our state of the art hydraulic cold-pressing machine extracts more juice from produce, especially the low yielding greens like kale, spinach and herbs. Our unique cold-pressing process extracts the living enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from fruits, vegetables and nuts to produce the smoothest, most delicious and healthy juice you’ll ever taste. More potent, dense in texture, with a vibrant taste, and greater health benefits for the most nutritious juice cleanse.

Greenroots juice is pressed from fresh local produce 

Over 90% of our fresh produce is bought from local New Zealand growers. This means our juice is pressed from the freshest seasonal produce around. This both reduces our environmental impact and supports local communities.

Greenroots juice is predominantly organic 

Simply put, organic juice cleanses your body in the most pure form so we support certified organic growers in a collaborative mission to bring you the most genuine raw organic juices. Over 90% of our produce is certified organic, and we place a huge importance on choosing organic and spray free wherever possible.

Greenroots juice is served in glass 

From the start Greenroots has been committed to bottling in glass for purity, taste, and our planet. Whilst glass is the most expensive option, we care about the environment and we care about you. Glass is by far the preferable option for preserving the health benefits of our fresh and raw juice. No plastic leaching or contamination, keeping you free of unwanted chemicals, while also being the most environmentally friendly choice.



Our new cleanse offerings include 10 x elixirs instead of 7. Our bottles are smaller at 300ml’s but just as packed with goodness. This means you’re receiving a wider variety of flavours and therefore nutrients, vitamins and minerals per day of cleansing. There’s no 2 x juices of the same flavour in any day of your cleanse, and each juice is specifically chosen for a particular reason to ensure it best meets your needs during your cleanse journey with us. Filled with cold-pressed organic goodness, no matter which cleanse you choose, you will be receiving a wide array of nutrients from a broad use of seasonal organic local produce. Overall you are receiving more mls per day of cleansing than before, as well a greater variety in flavours for ultimate well-being and better results. 

Check out what’s in our rejuvenated cleanses here:
Signature Cleanse

Live Light Cleanse 

Active Body Cleanse 

Immunity Cleanse 

Greens Cleanse

Custom Cleanse



Our new juice packs include 9 x 300ml juices and we’ve added to our range for a more tailored offering. We’re particularly excited about our new Super Mum Snack Pack (developed by our Director - Katie Ross, who is due any day with a May baby!)

Check out our rejuvenated juice packs here:

Super Mum Snack Pack

Mylk & Smoothie Pack

Juice & Smoothie Combo 

Custom Juice Pack 

Celery Juice Pack 

Activated Charcoal Pack

Ginger Made Pack

Immunity Shot Box 



EARTH ROOTS / Ground + Purify
beetroot, carrot, apple, hibiscus herbal infusion, lemon 

GREEN SEA / Refresh + Glow
kale, apple, matcha green tea, lemon, mint, spirulina

CHOC HEMP / Mind-Fuel
alkaline filtered water, activated cashews, banana, raw cacao 8%, hemp seeds 4%, date, rice malt, wild orange extract, vanilla bean 



We’ve removed our Tonics (which you may have tried if you’ve completed our cleanses) and transformed them into an elixir more dense in goodness! They include more organic superfoods and fresh produce for better nutrition at a bio-available level and as a result taste delicious! They are more of a hybrid towards a juice rather than a tonic and we therefore in their transformation called them ‘Superades’.

Check out what’s in our rejuvenated Superades here:

alkaline filtered water, lemon, activated coconut charcoal (200mg) 0.7%, unrefined raw agave nectar, lavender essential oil, himalayan rock salt

green apple, alkaline filtered water, fresh ginger root 12%, lemon, himalayan rock salt 

RASPBERRY LEMON / Skin + Vitality
alkaline filtered water, raspberries 12%, lemon 8%, cultured prebiotic apple cider vinegar, unrefined raw agave nectar, pure rose extract, himalayan rock salt

alkaline filtered water, fresh turmeric root 12%, cultured prebiotic apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger root, unrefined raw agave nectar, black pepper, himalayan rock salt 

Finally, we’d like to give a huge thanks to you - our valued customers - for your dedication and support of our family-owned business. Greenroots Juicery wouldn’t be the bustling small business that it is without you. You have our utmost gratitude!

Katie, Will and the Greenroots Juicery Team

- Posted May 2021


For any questions about our new range and rejuvenated cleanses and packs, please feel free to email:

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