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Nurturing Vitality ~ Cold Pressed Juicing

Nurturing Vitality ~ Cold Pressed Juicing

 The Cold-Pressed Juicing Process: A Journey of Nutrient Preservation

In a world filled with conventional dietary choices, let's explore the art and science of cold-pressed juicing at Greenroots Juicery. We're not your typical juice company; we're a small, family-owned business deeply committed to your health and vitality.

At Greenroots, we use hydraulic pressing to gently extract juice from fresh fruits and vegetables without heat or oxidation. This process preserves essential nutrients, promoting a holistic approach to health. The key benefits are:

Nutrient Preservation: A Celebration of Nature's Bounty

In our opinion, juices should never be under the destructive influence of heat which can heavily reduce the value of these precious living enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants. Raw cold-pressed juice maintains the delicate balance of nutrients in fresh produce. We're proud to offer juices rich in these vital properties, which are 100% raw, giving your body the very best in quality nutrition.

Minimized Oxidation: Embracing the Vibrancy of Life

Oxidation can dull the colors, flavors, and nutrients in your juice. Greenroots cold-pressed method minimizes oxidation by extracting juice in a low-oxygen environment, without high friction or any pasteurisation. Ultimately keeping your juice fresh, raw and vibrant.

A Longer Shelf Life: Nurturing the Passage of Time

Due to these factors our juices while raw and fresh offer a longer shelf life than centrifugal juices. Our cold pressing process allows you to enjoy the juice over a number of days while still receiving all the goodness the fresh produce has to offer. We want you to savor every drop of your juice, unhurried by concerns of rapid quality decline. However it's important to note our juices still need to be consumed within approximately 5 days of receiving them (refer to our expiry on bottle). 


Cold-Pressed vs. Conventional Juicing: A Gentle Approach

The key difference between cold-pressed and conventional juicing lies in the preservation of the nutritional value of your juice. While conventional methods sacrifice some of the inherent goodness of the ingredients due to heat and oxidation, our cold-pressed approach ensures that you receive a product that is not just delicious but also nutritionally rich and full of vitality. It's a testament to our commitment to your well-being and our belief in celebrating the innate beauty of nature's gifts.

Remember, the science behind cold-pressed juicing at Greenroots preserves nutrients, minimizes oxidation, and provides high-quality juice. It's a celebration of life, health, and vitality. Join us on this path of rediscovery and raise a glass to your well-being!

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